Sunday, April 13, 2008

Borrow Lenses and Cameras!

Check this out guys! BORROWLENSES.COM . This site is pretty awesome, If you are contemplating wether or not to get a certain camera or lens, why not test it out first? Borrow Lenses ships it directly to you along with self addressed labels to ship back. The prices seem pretty reasonable too. I have heard good things about the website, I think it would be fun to test out some cameras! =] 

Saturday, April 12, 2008

You might lose the copyright of your art!!!!

This is serious, please read! The Orphaned Art Act was denied once but it is being brought up again! The Orphaned Art Act gives the right to whomever(companies,students etc.) to use you art work for free and it is legal! Unless you register it and pay for the copyright of your work, then it is up for grabs! Doesn't sound very fair right? All those hard years of coming up with concepts and working for who knows how long on it, it can now be taken and used. So we must do something about it, perhaps start a group against it and get everyone to join, write to a government, just let your voice be heard! 

read the entire article here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008 project. dance show!

So I have really great news! My mom is now in remission with her cancer! We still need to keep an eye on it, but for now she is cancer free and I feel like I just won the lottery =] Good news for once! 

Also I am really happy with my photos so far with my new project, where I am documenting a family, and how they deal with 7year old logans brian cancer. Such a loving family who is so willing to help me with this project. They try to live a "normal" life as much as possible, which is why I am trying to show. Their family bond is just inspiring. 

Last night I went to the Senior Uarts Dance Show at the Drake to take some photos and I was really impressed and so glad that I went! I have been working with Scott a senior dance major here at Uarts doing some photos of his dance piece! So here are some photos from the show! =] 

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter! 
Myself and Brent's little sister made some festive cupcakes yesterday! They are suppose to be easter baskets hah! Anyway I hope everyone has a great holiday and is doing well with their projects! 


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cancer Awareness excited!

Here is an update from my last post about the new project! My mom agreed to be apart of this project, which makes me extremely happy because I know this will be very therapeutic for the both of us. 

But I also wanted to open this up to others, so I decided to e-mail the director of a cancer club in south jersey(where I am from) and explained my project to her and asked if she would mind e-mailing the members about this project. Well she was very willing to do so, and I received so many responses! It was very overwhelming at first, hearing everyones story and how much they wanted to be apart of this was just amazing. But the one thing that was similar with every person is that they had such an amazing outlook on life, and it was very motivating. 

So I scheduled to meet with a few of them this weekend, just to talk,get to know each other better, and take some photos. I really can't wait, and they seem pretty excited too! =] 

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What The World essay

"What The World Eats" photographed by Peter Menzel 
I really love this photo essay. It amazes me how much some people spend on food for just one week! The highest amount was $500.00! and the Lowest amount spent was $1.80! It's interesting to see the food with the consumers of it, and where they are from. You can tell by the photographs that some people took time to place everything perfectly for the camera and others just laid it out there. It's just a great concept and makes you wonder how much you spend on food in one week!  PETER MENZEL - check out the rest of the photos!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Senior Dance Piece

So on tuesday I took some photos for a senior dance major here at uarts. This piece that he choreographed is beautiful and the dancers were amazing also... here are a few of my favorite shots. =] enjoy!